Magpie Nest

The Magpie Nest helps people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage by providing a network of support services, safe and affordable accommodation, and a pathway to independent living.

Services include case management support, physical and mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, legal services, as well as employment/training assistance.

Key Initiatives:

  • Magpie Nest Housing Program - 45 houses around Melbourne providing accommodation for approx. 150 people
  • Magpie Nest Café – approx 4,000 free meals per week.
  • Magpie Nest Women’s Program – support for women and children in crisis.
  • Magpie Nest Marketplace – access to essential food and materials
  • Health Clinic operated in partnership with St Vincent’s Hospital

The work of the Magpie Nest relies heavily on funding from the Collingwood Football Club Foundation to be able to elevate, grow and continue providing vital support to the homeless and hungry of Melbourne. 

If you want to be part of this initiative and show your support, please give what you can.