01 Aug 2022




The Collingwood Wheelchair development side kicked off Round 11 this Sunday with their 3rd matchup against Essendon for this season. The first half was a tight battle to start off with. Both teams looked to have a strong set-up in the backline to assure easy goals wouldn’t come about. It was Andrew paddle who got on the scoresheet first for the pies, after he found himself in the right position to be hit up by Brett Newman. Alex Gale-Grime was able to put through her first goal of the season early in the second half. She managed to get herself in a few goal scoring opportunities late in the first half but was rewarded with a goal in the second half with a thumping handball which soured right through the big sticks. Collingwood’s second mid-year recruit Will Crooks made his debut and immediately impressed. His clear expertise of chair skills helped the pies backline concede only a handful of goals on the day. Which he also backed up with 3 goals of his own on the day to secure a 14-point win for the Collingwood Development team. Another strong performance from the development team which has put them 2 games clear of 3rd place on the ladder with 2 remaining rounds to go.

Final Scores: Collingwood - 6.5 – 42 – Essendon - 4.3 – 27

Goal Scorers: Will Crooks. 3, Alex Gale-Grime. 2, Andrew Paddle. 1



The Collingwood Wheelchair seniors began their clash with the bombers with a strong performance in the first quarter. Forwards Ben Jankovski and Brett Newman managed to both get on the scoresheets early to trail at quarter time by only a few goals. The second quarter much like the first was a shared battle. Both teams looked to dominate possession whilst applying pressure both offensively and defensively. Collingwood went into half time trailing by only 20 points. It wasn’t until the second half where Collingwood seemed to lose their shape, conceding consecutive goals as the bombers lead continued to increase. The pies began to fatigue in the last quarter due to the lack of senior players being available for the day. It was a great effort from the pies to keep the bombers within reaching distance in the first half, but unfortunately were not able to stop the bombers forwards from scoring heavily in the second half.

Final Scores: Collingwood – 7.5 – 47 – Essendon – 16.5 – 101

Goal Scores: Ben Jankovski. 4, Brett Newman. 3