Magpie Meals Launch

04 Apr 2022

This week the Collingwood Football Club launched the Magpie Meals program in partnership with Meals with Impact. Magpie Meals is an employment program that seeks to provide job opportunities people from migrant or refugee backgrounds.

The program has come to fruition thanks to the help of Meals With Impact, a social enterprise that has provided a group of women with the opportunity to help cook culturally appropriate meals for some of the less fortunate communities across the city.

Throughout the pandemic, the need for meals that are culturally appropriate has become significant as parts of the city's population was unable to eat the food provided to them during Melbourne's lockdowns.  

This week Brodie Grundy, Sarah Rowe and Jacqui Newton joined a group of the Magpie Meals chefs to help prepare lunch in the Glasshouse Cafe.