Coles Donates Meals During Lockdown

12 Jun 2021

We would like to thank the team at Coles for their extraordinary support during the latest lockdown period.

Coles have donated thousands of frozen meals to the Salvation Army Project 614 Team to provide to people who are doing it tough during.

The meals are being delivered to the Magpie Nest Program and people across Melbourne who are isolated and unable to purchase food at this time.

“We are very grateful to Coles for their amazing support.” Major Brendan Nottle from the Salvation Army said.

“We have been inundated with calls for assistance from people, particularly from casual workers who have been unable to work during the lockdown period.  These people have no income and no ability to purchase food and need our help. Our outreach teams are delivering thousands of Coles frozen meals in Melbourne every day.”

Collingwood and the Salvation Army Project 614 Team, with support from the club’s Community Partner Coles, work together to deliver the Magpie Nest Program in support people who are homeless and disadvantaged.