An opportunity to be 'Side by Side' forever.

Our Club is built on a great history of togetherness and community. This support for each other has been in place since the Club began in 1892 when a group of passionate supporters decided that being “side-by-side” was an essential part of the essence and future of the Club. 

The Collingwood Football Club Foundation has stayed true to this commitment by focusing on supporting those most vulnerable by providing support through our focus on the homeless and most disadvantaged. 

By joining the Side-By-Side forever cohort you will be supporting not only the future of the Club but also the wonderful work that the Collingwood Community Team does. Your impact through this generous gift will ensure the Club's commitment to its community will live on forever.

Types of Bequests

A residuary bequest is when you commit to leaving a portion, or the remainder of your estate to the Collingwood Football Club Foundation. This only applies after all the other bequests to your loved ones have been fulfilled.

A pecuniary or specific bequest is when an individual agrees to leave a specific gift to the Collingwood Football Club Foundation. This can be in the form of money, property, stocks or shares.

A whole estate bequest is when an entire Estate is left to the Collingwood Football Club Foundation. This may occur when an individual does not have any family or beneficiaries.

A percentage bequest is a type of gift and is when a percentage of your estate is divided up and is then gifted to the Collingwood Football Club Foundation.

The Benefit?

A bequest is an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy to a club that has meant so much to you during your lifetime.  It ensures we are then able to continue to grow the wonderful programs the Club supports within our community.

Next Steps...

Speak to your legal advisor to update your Will. If you would like to learn more about leaving a bequest or to advise us of a recent update to your Will, please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Foundation - Mardi McMillan:

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.