VWFL Round 2 Match Report

26 Apr 2022

Round 2 this Sunday saw the Collingwood Magpies Wheelchair team face Essendon for the annual Anzac Day round.



The Collingwood Wheelchair Development team kick started the day against the Essendon development team. The pies competed very well in the first half of the match. Improvement was shown as the pies were able to share the ball around much more smoothly compared to their efforts in round one.  Experienced player Andrew Paddle was able to get himself on the scoresheet early with his slick accuracy in front of goal. The pies fell short in the end by thirty-five points but showed promising signs with their ball movement and better decision making.

Final scores: Essendon 10.2 62 – Collingwood 4.3 27


The Collingwood Wheelchair Seniors took on the Essendon Seniors for the first time since their clutch grand final win in 2021. The first quarter was very intense with both teams looking to get an early lead to start off the match. Collingwood lost star tall forward Riley Fitzgerald due to a knee injury which caused headaches with Collingwood’s match ups on the ground. The pies kept up the scoreboard pressure until half time before Essendon found ways to get quick consecutive goals. Collingwood veteran player Brett Newman managed to get 2 goals to his name on the day, as well as Skipper Ben Jankovski finished with 4 goals in the end. Another loss to the senior team this week but with players returning from injury and some more training under the belt, the seniors will look to get their first win of the season in their next game against St Kilda.

Final Scores: Essendon 15.5 – 95 – Collingwood 7.8 - 50