NAIDOC Week – Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Walk

27 Jul 2021

Every year as part of NAIDOC Week (National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee) we here at Collingwood undertake a least one activity for athletes and staff to participate in.

This year we set our sights on getting as many athletes and staff to join in on the Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Walk.

Koorie Heritage Trust walking tour group

The walk and talk was led by Education Manager Rob Hyatt and commenced at Gate 4 of the MCG where we were captured in the moment and learning about the use of the area in Traditional times, including it being a meeting place for ceremony and gatherings such as Marngrook and cultural learnings. Rob took us to the scar trees and told us how the trees were used in making tools, weapons, canoes and even food traditionally.

Players taking part in the Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Walk

The walk then continued on over the William Barak Bridge, where Rob shared William Barak’s story with us. From there, we followed the Birrarung Marr (Yarra River), learning a lot about the traditional owners and the local area and some of the current day artwork. Finishing at the Koorie Heritage Trust in Federation Square, where Rob spent quality time showing the group artifacts and telling the stories of their traditional use.